Family Legends

Who we think we are, and who we are, are often two quite different things. Being an oral history, and therefor a folk history, there can be omission, elaborations, and pure lies told as truth… and unravelling these can be some of the most interesting parts of family history.

The Three Brothers / Three Houses Field >>>
Dad told a story of three brothers. They lived in a field on our land called “The Three Houses Field”. How original! Two died without issue, one married and merged the farms.

The Hungry Grass >>>
A family ghost story from famine times…

Legend of “The Haero” >>>
An ancestor was known as “The Haero” – the hero – according to my father. Was in the Fenians and served time in Longford Gaol.

Sean Mac Eoin and the Shot Sentry >>>
According to locals in Athlone, on taking over the Athlone Barracks Sean Mac Eoin shot a sentry for being asleep on the job.