John Drake

Child of Rose Coyle and Bernard Drake

Married to Brid Brady

Father of Nuala, RIP – to get firther info on married name etc before adding.

Also David?

Personal Information

John Drake
Name John Drake
DeathON 4/5/1978
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Name Birth Death
Rose Drakeasdasds  Deceased
Kitty Drakeasdasds  Deceased
Isabella Masterson (neé Drake)asdasds  ON 18/10/2003
Patrick Drakeasdasds  ON 16/4/1989
Barney Drakeasdasds  ON 06/02/1968


Name Birth Death
Brid Drakeasdasds   
John Drakeasdasds   
Eamonn Drakeasdasds   
Bernadette Drakeasdasds   
Roisin Drakeasdasds   
Mary Drakeasdasds   
Seamus Drakeasdasds   
Barney Drakeasdasds