Phillip Smyth

Wife Unknown
Had two daughters and one son.

Mary Smyth married Phillip Corcoran – our line of the family.
Catherine Smyth married Ralph Doppins – Doppins Hempestall Line
John Smyth – unknown

Personal Information

Phillip Smyth
Name Phillip Smyth
Birth 1760
ReligionRC / COI
LocationGrousehall, Loughduff, County Cavan
Bio NotesOldest in the Carty / Hourican line
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Name Birth Death
Mary SmythasdasdsGrousehall, Loughduff, County CavanDeceased
Catherine Smythasdasds   


Name Birth Death
Ralph Doppingasdasds 1766 in Erne Head, Derrycassan, County Longford 30 June 1818
Phillip Corcoranasdasds  Deceased


Name Birth Death
Francis Henry Doppingasdasds  Deceased
Mary Doppingasdasds  ON 30/10/1870
John Doppingasdasds  Deceased
Margaret Corcoranasdasds  Deceased


Name Birth Death
James Houricanasdasds  Deceased
James Henry Doppingasdasds 24/09/1832Deceased
Henry Doppingasdasds   
Margaret HouricanasdasdsAughnacliffe, County LongfordDeceased
Ralph Dopping-Hepenstalasdasds  Deceased


Name Birth Death
Margaret Houricanasdasds  Deceased
Charlotte Agnes Dopping Boydasdasds  1933
James Cartyasdasds  Deceased
Maxwell Dopping-Hepenstalasdasds 1872 in Scrabby, Co Cavan, Ireland 1965

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