Ralph Dopping

Mr Ralph Dopping

Born: 1766
Died: 1818

Ralph Dopping (1766-1818), Erne Head, Derrycassan, County Longford, was admitted to the Irish Bar in 1797, and married Catherine Smyth of Grouse Hall, County Cavan, in 1798. He was elected a member of the Dublin Society in 1800, and appointed to the sub-committee on botanical books, 24 June 1802. Between 1804 and 1810 he proposed or seconded eleven candidates for membership of the society, mostly fellow lawyers, or north-midlands landowners such as Richard Fox of Foxhall. His last recorded attendance at the society was on 12 June 1817, and he died on 30 June 1818. The Derrycassan estate owned 3,269 acres in counties Longford and Wicklow in 1876.

– Source at: http://www.rds.ie/cat_historic_member_detail.jsp?itemID=1102136&item_name=#sthash.TaP0UGWG.dpuf

Personal Information

Ralph Dopping
Name Ralph Dopping
Birth 1766 in Erne Head, Derrycassan, County Longford
Death 30 June 1818
WifeCatherine Smyth
ReligionChurch of Ireland
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Name Birth Death
Francis Henry Doppingasdasds  Deceased
Mary Doppingasdasds  ON 30/10/1870
John Doppingasdasds  Deceased


Name Birth Death
Mary Hudsonasdasds  Deceased
Frances Cottinghamasdasds  Deceased


Name Birth Death
James Henry Doppingasdasds 24/09/1832Deceased
Henry Doppingasdasds   
Ralph Dopping-Hepenstalasdasds  Deceased


Name Birth Death
Charlotte Agnes Dopping Boydasdasds  1933
Maxwell Dopping-Hepenstalasdasds 1872 in Scrabby, Co Cavan, Ireland 1965


Name Birth Death
John Dopping Boydasdasds   
Mary Boydasdasds  Deceased

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