People of Note

Our family has a number of people of note – or reputedly are connected to a number of people of note. They are linked to from here.

Currently Alive:

P.J. Hourican – former Fine Gael Mayor of Cork

Maggie Sawkins (Margaret Price) Poetess, Plymouth, England.

Eddie Macken – Showjumper. Irish Army. Connection through Donohoe. Exact unsure.

Lambert Dopping Hepenstal – works for a division of British Aerospace on “civilian application of drones”

Patricia A. Dopping Hepenstal – skin specialist, also worked on genetic disease that affected Hepenstals.

Both above are assumed 4th cousins two or three times removed. To be clarified.

Thomas Reilly – An Irish soldier of Fortune (Granduncle. via  Donohoe / Reilly)

Maxwell Edward Dopping-Hepenstal – British Imperial soldier. (4th cousin – via Carty / Hourican / Corcoran / Smyth)

John Joseph McKeon / Sean Mac Eoin – Irish Rebel and Free State leader. Politician. Connection through Treacys.

Sean Mac Eoin – nephew of JJ – COS Irish Army / UN Diplomat.

Kitty Kiernan – Lover of Michael Collins. Connection through Kiernans / Treacy / Donohoe

John Dopping Boyd – British Army, hero of Battle of Gheluvelt

Mary Boyd – South African / English poetess.

Bishop Colm O Reilly, Ardagh and Clonmacnois. Connection through Donohoe / Reilly (of Molly).
– Red John Reilly of Molly – father of Colm – was brother of father of granny Bridget Reilly, married to Peter Donohoe of Lislea.

Mel Gibson – mother was an Ann Reilly from Colmcille / Dromard area in Longford. Connection unclear. Of the Reillys of Scrabby (Gowna) who moved to Molly before having Mel’s mother.

Hugh Hourican – member of the North Longford Flying Column

Ralph Anthony Dopping-Hepenstal – JP for Longford (via Carty / Hourican / Corcoran / Smyth)

John Dopping – Father of R.A. Dopping Hepenstal, a Gaelic Scholar. Forerunner of the Anglo Irish Celtic Twilight movement. Gave plea that cleared the Connemara man of theft who stole to feed his family after his wife ate the feet of their dead child.

Ralph Dopping – Lawmaker, of the Ascendancy class. (via Carty / Hourican / Corcoran / Smyth). Leader of local Crown forces at the Battle of Granard.

Myles “The Slasher” Reilly – died in the 1641 Rebellion. Confederation of Kilkenny leader. (via Donohoe / Reilly)

Captain Peter Drake – soldier of fortune, of the Wild Geese, ended up fighting IN British Army. Wrote scandelous memoirs detailing his love life as much as his military story!

John Drake – General, twice Lord Mayor of Dublin. Led Crown forces against O’ Toole at Battle of Bloody Banks. (via Donohoe / Reilly / Drake)