Slaughtering Sacred Cows

The first thing that happens when you research family history, is that a lot of what you were told is bunkum.

In our family, we always held that we were Gaelic, and rebels to a man. Strangley, we were neutral in the Civil War and in the War of Independence, and there was stories of fighting Italians and the Pashtun.

We knew there was a connection with the Doppings family, who I assumed were our landlords, but on examining their papers found it was not so. Jackie McCabe, my parents best man, told us that it in fact was Tomás Edgeworth who was landlord over Aughagreagh.

There was an old exchange of insults between two wings of the family: “Auld peeler all right, auld soldier auld shite” and vice versa, stating the police were OK, but it was taboo to be related to a soldier, and so forth.

There is a blood relationship with the Doppings, and we have rhubarb that came from the grounds of the estate in Derrycassin.

One of the men in that family M.E. Dopping-Hepenstal fought in Egypt, India and was a Japanese speaker, and fought in the Waziristan Wars. So thats probably the root of that story.

And probably the reason for the neutrality in the conflicts.