The Haero – A Real Hero or a Case of Longford Back Compliments?

We have a “character” in the family known as “The Haero”. We were unsure of the direct connection, we assume it is a brother of my great grandfather John Carty, or their father, all we are sure of is that his name was Thomas Carty.

My fathers version of the story was he served time in Longford Gaol. When pressed, he said he was in the Fenians.

However, I looked at Longford Gaol records, and found two Thomas Cartys, a father and son, both arrested for drunkenness, one for insulting and RIC officer while drunk in a cemetery.

That sounds more like our lot than a Fenian hero!

So, its hard to know what the true story is!!!

According to family records, this Thomas Carty married a Slevin from Legga, and may be the ancestor of the Cartys of Errew in Leitrim.

If an insult, the nickname may mean

(1) Tyrant, as in Hiero
2) Savage, as in the Haerero people of Africa, known colloquially as the Fuzzy Wuzzys (sorry for the racist term)
(3) Hero, in a sarcastic sense.

Im hoping we find he was a Fenian!!!