Looking Into the Past

Phillip Hourican - sometimes known as Somers

Phillip Hourican – sometimes known as Somers

Family research is a never ending search, as we look into who we think we are, we find out often that that is not who we actually are, and the odd skeleton falls out of the closet as well, as sacred sheep are slain on the alter of truth, while in other discoveries we fin the odd person of a wider than Ireland influence!!!

What is often as interesting as the actual cousins, are the cousins of cousins, as hero’s, villains and rogues step out of the shadows of time…

Officially we are a family of Irish Catholic rebels, and always have been. But history is never that simple, never has been. Weaving back and forth through the centuries, we explore how the different ends of the family have made their mark on each other, on Ireland and the world beyond.

The base family trees that the website is based on are the Hourican Family Groupsheep prepared by SS Duignan in 1993, my mothers family tree for her family, and corrections to both as they have come up, and will come up.