Breakthrough – maybe – on Mary Ann Mullaniffe

Update 15/05/22
It has since been confirmed that “alais” is the old version of neé which rings to doubt this theory. I think Valieries Date of Birth for Mary Ann is in error.

Ancestry has a family tree of Valerie Roberts, and on that is our Thomas Carty and Mary Ann Mullanniffe, with her parents Eugene and Maria (neé Corran), and a date of birth for Mary Ann of 1825. Hoever, on her family tree we have no death of Thomas Carty as of date of this posting.

But a JOAN CARTY has her DOB at 1809, which would mean she is NOT the daughter of Maria Corran.

If Valerie Roberts is right, she was 15 when John was born, which may be why she is on the headstone as “alias”, if they were not married.


Valerie Roberts and us are connected through her son JOHN

BarianTuite is connected through WILLIAM


  • Patrick
  • John – Baptised 31-05-1840
  • Margaret b 1847/48
  • James – Bapt 24 04 1851 Sponsors Patrick Carty / Bridget Quinn
  • William + a twin, name beingining with K – Bapt 14 04 1851
  • Anne – Bapt 24 Nov 1845 – Spon John McCarthy / Bridget Golden.

Death Mystery

The death date on Joans tree has Thomas dead in 1863 before Mary Ann – 1877 – , yet family lore has it he erected the stone to her after her death.