Synonymous Surnames

The British put pressure on Irish families to change their surnames, and as such both can appear in the records while being of the one family. Synonymously the families on the right (Gaelic surname) can be known as the English surname on the left.

Irish Gaelic Surnames:
Grey (Colreavy)
Prior (Friary)
Smith (McGowan)
Summers (Hourican)
Jordan (Sheridan).

Scottish Gaelic Surnames:
Baxter (Buchannan)
Black (Duff)

Source: Dave Leahy

Hessian Surnames
In addition, there were a number of Hessian settlements from 1690 and 1798. Some of them it appears may have changed their name to the closest sounding Irish name. More took their wifes names. What sounds like a chroni mispronounciation of a surname in the area may be the original name preserved in the local speech.
KINSELLAoften pronounced GINSELLAR
(“Gin seller” / “Gin cellar” prob Schwab / Dutch / Low Saxon / German)