Family Stories

Stories from family lore, online and also from the Irish Folklore Commission. Links are live stories, the rest will be posted!

Family Foundation Story
The Three Houses Field and the Brothers from Kildare. (Dad)

Ghost Stories & Paranormal
Willie Carty and the Tall Man (Dad / Irish Folklore Commission)
The Woman and Children on the Wall (Dad)
Rattling Buckets Cant Be Seen (Dad)
The Angry Woman and the Loft (Dad)
The Hungry Grass (Dad)
The Potatoes in the Sheugh (Mam)
Headless Horseman at Cornys Mill (Mam)
The Web of Linen (From the Irish Folklore Collection)

Family History and War
The Free State Army Shoot at Aughagreagh  (Ellen Turnbull)
Jimmy Carty and the Tans (Joe Turnbull)
John D. Boyd – little known soldier of consequence (Online)
Barbados Chest at a Molly Cottage (Mam)
Tom Reilly, Soldier of Fortune (Mam)
Willie Carty, The Doppings and the Pashtun (Dad)

The Famous meet our Family!
Fidel Castro Meets a Country Girl (Mam)