Legendary Family Connections

Every Irish family is related to Kings according to themselves, and here we document the ones various researchers claim to have branches of our families related to. They might be right, or it might be wishful thinking.

Drakes of Ballinulty: DRAKE / SPENSER / CHURCHILL
Claim to be the drakes of Drakesrath in Meath, who are descended from or related to John Drake, Lord Mayor of Dublin, grandson of another mayor of the same name who came to Ireland, and who was ne of three brothers. Of the two who stayed in the UK, its said the ones who stayed in Devon became the family of Drakes related to Bernard and Francis the sailors, and who married into the Spencers and Stewarts, giving us the connections to the Churchills, which is either fascinatingly interesting or an embarrassment depending on your politics!

Drakes / Lynchs of Ballinulty: CHARLEMAGNE
90 per cent of Europe claim descent from Europes most famous king, again probably wishful thinking, but there are both Drake and Lynch lines tracing obscure paths back to his tree through the female line. Through the female line of HIS family there is a blood connection with the preceding MEROVIGNAN family the family of Pipin the Short replaced on the throne of the Franks… and THAT brings us to Dan Browne territory!!! Better not go there are risk of losing all credibility!

Reillys of Molly: REILLY, MYLES THE SLASHER / ORELY (Spain)
All Reillys claim Myles the Shasher of the 1641 reellion as one of their own ancestors, and the same as we do. Its probably wishful thinking… he had sons and nephews who made it to the continent and became the ORELY family in Spain which were distinguished in military service there.

As with all O’Neill subclans, O’ Reillys claim direct decendant from Niall of the Nine Hostages. DNA will prove or disprove in time!!!