Cousins of Cousins

Not directly related to us, but our cousins are their cousins… we think!
*** Assuming SS O Duibhgeanns family groupsheet is correct.
^^^ Not sure of relationship, may be direct or cousins of cousins.
~~~ New information
No connection established yet
Possible connection, not looked into yet
Direct connection based on one source.
Direct confirmed connection

May Ann Duignan
Catherine Hourican married a Thomas Duignan, a different Thomas Duignan than the infamous Chiocago May’s family, which I assume is a cousin or nephew of her husbands.
No connection established yet – still being looked into

Kitty Kiernan – ^^^
The love of Michael Collins life (after her sister who married McGovern) she is related to us through the Kiernans and the McKeons, how exactly I’m not sure, so she will be filed here until I have clarified the relationship.  Source: Mam

Rev Ussher – ***
Counted back all the years in the Bible to find the original literal “Anno Lucis” Year of Light in the Bible… biblical sholar and Protestant theologan of note

The Boyd Sisters – ***
The Boyd sisters helped bring Yoga to the west, one Patty married to George Harrison and Eric Clapton, they are related to the Boyds of Ballymacool, who are said to be related to us through Charlotte Dopping