Lambert John Dopping Hepenstal

Son of Ralph Anthony Dopping Hepenstal, and his first wife Diana Margaret Dalrympal Dopping Hepenstal.

A kindly landlord, he was remebered fondly by most in Longford, but his tenure did feature evictions.

Said to have invented “electric kettle among other things” (SRC Tottenham family website), he was a prolific inventor of the functional and the comical.

Left Ireland and lived in England after threats by local IRA units and people using the IRA name to threaten him and his family.



Personal Information

Lambert John Dopping Hepenstal
Lambert John Dopping Hepenstal. From "The Lough Gowna Valley" by Frank Collumb via Anthony Dopping
Name Lambert John Dopping Hepenstal
Birth 3/8/1859 in Derrycassan, Co. Longford
WifeAmy Dopping Hepenstal neé Tottenham
School 1Governess
School 2Woodcote House School
School 3Harrow Royal Military Acadamy
Religion 1Church of Ireland
Profession 11877 - British Army - Lieutenant
Profession 21822 - British Army - Captain (went to Egypt)
Profession 3War Office (England)
Profession 4Bermuda
Profession 51890 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Profession 61894 - returned to Ireland, worked on submarine mining.
Profession 71898 May 22 - British Army - Promoted to Major
Profession 81904 - Posted to Hong Kong
Event 1Baptised 3 Aug 1859, Delgany Church of Ireland, Co. Wicklow
Event 2OBE granted 1920


Name Birth Death
Maxwell Dopping Hepenstalasdasds 1872 in Duncan, BC, Canada 1965


Name Birth Death
Kathleen DOPPING-HEPENSTALasdasds 1923 in Dublin 15 Jan 2014
Lambert Dopping-Hepenstalasdasds 15 Feb 1921ON Mar 2001


Name Birth Death
James Milneasdasds   
Beatrice HARRISasdasds  Deceased


Name Birth Death
Patricia Dopping-Hepenstalasdasds   
Lambert Dopping-Hepenstalasdasds 

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