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People of note in the family.

Gen Sean Mac Eoin (John Joseph McKeon) – Old IRA, Free State Army, Fine Gael
Sean Mac Eoin – Irish Army, United Nations
Eddie Macken – Showjumper

The below is assuming SS O Duibhgeans family tree is in fact correct.
Mary Boyd Trehane – Writer (Ireland, England, South Africa)
John Dopping Boyd – DSO (British Army: Guelevelt)
Maxwell Edward Dopping Hepenstal – DSO (British Army: Waziristan, India, Egypt, Japan)
John Dopping – JP / British Army / Gaelic Scholar
Ralph Anthony Dopping Hepenstal – JP
Lambert Dopping-Hepenstal – British Aerospace, working on aviation policy for drones for UK
Patricia J. Dopping-Hepenstal – dermatologist and scientist.