Julian Johnson Collection


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Type: Militaria Collection
Of Note to Us: Medals of Arthur Henry Dopping Creagh
Status: Sold 2017
Current Owner: Unknown (as of 11/01/2018)


Collection Information

Julian Johnson, FRGS

Called up for National Service in 1951, Julian was commissioned into the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry and seconded at his own request to the Royal West African Frontier Force in Sierra Leone where his father was serving in the Colonial Medical Department. Looking back it was an exciting opportunity for a young officer to explore this then little-known part of Africa and to experience serving alongside African soldiers.

The Julian Johnson Collection

Julian Johnson, FRGS

After being granted an extension to his National Service he returned to UK and transferred as a Regular officer to the Royal Military Police, spending the next 3 years in BAOR at the height of the Cold War when the RMP was engaged in covering an extensive part of N.Germany.

Leaving the Army in 1959, Julian returned to Africa working in a managerial role in the shipping industry in Ghana. Finally returning home he spent the next 5 years with a leading London advertising agency, followed by many years in manufacturing industry as director responsible for overseas business.

On retirement he was elected a Wiltshire County Councillor and subsequently chaired a number of committees as well as being chairman of the county council itself.   He is also a long-standing member of the New Forest National Park Authority, serving as chairman of the authority from 2010-14.

Julian’s interest in colonial and military history, combined with travel to the more inaccessible parts of the world, attracted him to the hobby of collecting medals which he started some 25 years ago. In particular looking for the more unusual groups and for those with multi-gallantry or with foreign awards, and with particular emphasis on World War 1 and West African campaigns. These have been the underlying themes of his medal collection which is now being offered for sale.