The Carty name has a number of origins, it is thought ours is a branch of the Munster family – centered in Wexford, via Kildare, thanks to a family legend of  dads.

There is a Roscommon family, another in Down, and another sept that is the dearbhine of the MacCarthy Reagh clan, often spelled Cartie.

Mac Cotter Research

Thomas Carty of Roscommon, who runs the Carty Clann group on Facebook- no relation we know of – commissioned research into the name from a geneaologist MacCotter, and his report is to be linked to from here. and it says there is no relationship between CARTY of Roscommon and those of Wexford.

However, there was hostage exchange between MacCarthy Reagh and the O’Conners which allowed O’Roukes out of favour in Connaught to settle in Reagh lands, and an out of favour Carty group to settle in Connacht, where they were given lands in Sligo, known today as Cartys Island (aka Coney Island). I have to find the source for this and post it.

In Irish and Other Languages
In Irish is is spelled “Ó Cárthaigh”,

Historic Spellings