The Drakes of our family are from Ballinulty on the south and east banks of Lough Gowna, on the Longford side.

Legendary and Hearsay Origin
Reportedly they came there from Meath, from a place known as Drakesrath, which they got as a reward for service against the O’ Tooles in the Battle of Bloody Banks.

As Jacobites, they lost all in the Williamite Wars.

Who Is Who
A sister and a brother feature, the sister married the Reillys of Gelsha and settled in Molly, and the brother married a Coyle of Cartonmarkey, through which we are closes related to their line.

Family Stories
One was said to be a plantation agent in Barbados.


Drake family arms, the Waveryn Gules

Drake family arms, the Waveryn Gules

Drakes in Ireland have two origins, one the smaller family, from Wexford, via a Cromwellian settler of the Drakes of Ashe line, and the others of Dublin, from which our branch supposedly descend.

The John Drake of Dublin who was its Lord Mayor twice, was the grandson of another John Drake, who was one of three brothers, founding the Irish line, while another founded the line that became the Drakes of Ashe.

Supposedly this would leave us distant kin of all who are said to be related to them, from the Spensers to the Churchills!

Due to the Penal Laws we cant trace back our line to verify or refute any of this, so when it suits we will say its true, and when it doesn’t we will deny everything!

Mythical Origins

Some researchers trace the Drakes back to the Counts of Valois and to the Carolingan Franks, and through their maternal line right back to the Merovignans.

Whether this is wishful thinking or not, it makes for some cool stories!