Reilly / O’Reilly is a Cavan name, a sister name to O’Rourke, both Connachta names that took over this area from Queen Teffia and her people, via a sub / allied clan the O’Farrells, who themselves are closer to O’Neill.

Our Reillys are of Gelsha, the farthest back I can trace, moving to Molly founding our branch.

Supposedly no relation to Mel Gibson, whose mother was from Molly, her family settling there from Scrabby. Back the line they may be.

O’ Reilly in History

Myles O’ Reilly was a lawyer for the Dopping and Dopping-Hepenstal families.
Myles “The Slasher” O’Reilly was a leader in the 1641 Rebellion, losing his life at the Bridge of Finea.
Bishop Colm O’Reilly is said to be a first cousin of my grandmothers.