James Henry Dopping

Brother of Ralph Anthony Dopping-Hepenstal, on behalf of banks administered estates and was central to many evictions in Longford. Remembered as “Jimmy Dopping” in North Longford, as “Uncle Jemmy” among his own family.

Was agent to the Laois landowner “Black Jack” Adair who bought an estate in Donegal, and the evictions of the McGlinchys and other families up there. Also

Not a very nice chap at all!

Stabbed to death by a tenant.

Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 - 1907) Sat 31 Oct 1896 Page 13 Cable News in Brief.

Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 – 1907) Sat 31 Oct 1896 Page 13 Cable News in Brief.

How to Lose Friends But Make Money

In a new book out in Offaly. his investment in Farrellys in Tarraun (outside Pullough in Offaly) business made him a lot of money. When it was destroyed, Dopping took over the liabilities and put Farrelly working on it, but then copped that a commission Farrelly was earning was making him a lot of money. He overrid that business arrangement, leading Farrelly to give up an emigrate.

Local opposition meant Dopping had to give up the enterprise which was the first commercial exploitation of an Irish bog, and a direct forerunner of Bord na Mona.

Farrelly himself was from the North Longford / Cavan / Meath area.



Personal Information

James Henry Dopping
Name James Henry Dopping
Death 31 Oct 1896 from Stabbed by evicted tenant
WifeHelen Dopping neé Moore
School 1Queen College, Galway (Literature)
ReligionChurch of Ireland
Profession 1Land Agent for Lord Leitrim in Donegal
Profession 2Land Agent for Black Jack Adair in Donegal
Profession 3Administered estates of his brother Ralph Anthony Dopping-Hepenstal


Name Birth Death
John Doppingasdasds 1830 in Derrycassin, Co. LongfordON 21/09/1869
Haidée Doppingasdasds  Deceased
Charlotte Doppingasdasds  Deceased
Ralph Dopping Hepenstalasdasds  Deceased


Name Birth Death
Charlotte DoppingasdasdsDublin 1933


Name Birth Death
William Boydasdasds  Deceased


Name Birth Death
William Boydasdasds 4/2/1890Deceased
Agnes Boydasdasds 18/4/1888 in 18/4/1954ON
Helen Boydasdasds 17/4/1882 in 7/2/1945ON
Lily Boydasdasds 8/3/1881 in 9/3/1881ON
John Boydasdasds 14/2/1886Deceased
Mary Boydasdasds 1880 in Ballymacoole House, Letterkenny, Donegal, Ireland 1960


Name Birth Death
John Boydasdasds 23/9/1917 17/1/1941