Ralph Anthony Dopping-Hepenstal

Descendant of Catherine Smyth and Ralph Dopping
Ist wife:
2nd wife: Ann Fox of Foxhall

Infamous for the “Naked Protest” at Derrycassin
Was a JP

Personal Information

Ralph Anthony Dopping-Hepenstal
Name Ralph Anthony Dopping-Hepenstal
Wife 1Annie Elizabeth Dopping-Hepenstal (1867 - 1878; death)
Wife 2Diana Margaret Dopping-Hepenstal
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Name Birth Death
James Henry Doppingasdasds 24/09/1832Deceased
Henry Doppingasdasds   


Name Birth Death
Maxwell Dopping-Hepenstalasdasds 1872 in Scrabby, Co Cavan, Ireland 1965

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