Catherine Dopping neé Smyth

Wife of Ralph Dopping.

Connection to the families below, among others.

Source: SS O’ Duibhgeans “Hourican Family Worksheet”



Personal Information

Catherine Dopping neé Smyth
Name Catherine Dopping (née Smyth)
BirthGrousehall, Cavan, Ireland
HusbandRalph Dopping


Name Birth Death
Mary SmythasdasdsGrousehall, Cavan, IrelandDeceased


Name Birth Death
Mary Doppingasdasds  Deceased
Henry Doppingasdasds  Deceased
Son of Ralph Dopping and Catherine Smyth, father of Ralph Anthony Dopping Hepenstal and James Henry Dopping. Picture from Anthony Dopping / Frank Columb "The Lough Gowna Valley"John Doppingasdasds  3/4/1855


Name Birth Death
Rev Charles Robinsonasdasds  Deceased
C Robinsonasdasds  Deceased
Frances Jessopasdasds  Deceased
Frances Cottinghamasdasds   


Name Birth Death
Rev Francis Doppingasdasds  Deceased
Henrietta Doppingasdasds  ON 19/11/1911
John Doppingasdasds 1830 in Derrycassin, Co. LongfordON 21/09/1869
Haidée Doppingasdasds  Deceased
Charlotte Doppingasdasds  Deceased
James Doppingasdasds  31 Oct 1896
Ralph Dopping Hepenstalasdasds  Deceased


Name Birth Death
Charlotte Stollasdasds  Deceased
Constance Creaghasdasds  Deceased
Edward Creaghasdasds  Sep 03 1954
Ralph Creaghasdasds Aug 23 1864 Jan 27 1904
Arthur Creaghasdasds 29 April, 1866 27 November, 1941
Charlotte DoppingasdasdsDublin 1933
Maxwell Dopping Hepenstalasdasds 1872 in Duncan, BC, Canada 1965
Lambert John Dopping Hepenstal. From "The Lough Gowna Valley" by Frank Collumb via Anthony DoppingLambert Dopping Hepenstalasdasds 3/8/1859 in Derrycassan, Co. LongfordDeceased


Name Birth Death
William Boydasdasds 4/2/1890Deceased
Agnes Boydasdasds 18/4/1888 in 18/4/1954ON
Helen Boydasdasds 17/4/1882 in 7/2/1945ON
Lily Boydasdasds 8/3/1881 in 9/3/1881ON
Kathleen DOPPING-HEPENSTALasdasds 1923 in Dublin 15 Jan 2014
Lambert Dopping-Hepenstalasdasds 15 Feb 1921ON Mar 2001
Robert Carewasdasds May 22 1860 in Ballinamona Park, Co WaterfordDeceased
John Boydasdasds 14/2/1886Deceased
Mary Boydasdasds 1880 in Ballymacoole House, Letterkenny, Donegal, Ireland 1960

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