John Dopping

John Dopping J.P., High Sheriff of Co Longford (1823) married in 1822 Frances,
daughter of Henry Cottingham of Summerville, Co Cavan and left amongst other issue
his eldest son and heir Ralph Dopping, who in 1858 married into the Hepenstal family.
John was an Irish scholar, a local historian and an acknowledged authority on the region
in which he lived. In the 1830s John O’Donovan, when in the area, consulted and quoted
him. While he may have been a scholar of some note, John was not at his best when
dealing with financial matters.


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John Dopping
Name John Dopping
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Name Birth Death
Francis Henry Doppingasdasds  Deceased
Mary Doppingasdasds  ON 30/10/1870


Name Birth Death
James Henry Doppingasdasds 24/09/1832Deceased
Henry Doppingasdasds   
Ralph Dopping-Hepenstalasdasds  Deceased


Name Birth Death
Helen Mooreasdasds  ABT 1891
Diana Dalrymple-Hepenstalasdasds  Deceased
Annie Foxasdasds  1878


Name Birth Death
John Kearneyasdasds  9/6/72


Name Birth Death
Charlotte Agnes Dopping Boydasdasds  1933
Maxwell Dopping-Hepenstalasdasds 1872 in Scrabby, Co Cavan, Ireland 1965


Name Birth Death
John Dopping Boydasdasds   
Mary Boydasdasds  Deceased